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KILL VAN KULL: Music & Lyrics

Through The Night

Sweet women let me come into your life
and take you really far away because I want you
I feel your love is alright

I would do to you the things you thought that I would never do
To make you feel alright

She began to kiss me, she began to touch me
Ooh she really knew just how to love me
I could not believe the way I was feeling

She started pushin’, I started shakin’
My hands were tied, I was hers for the taking

When it came morning she showed me the door
I said, “Wait, wait, wait a minute woman” ‘cause you won’t see me no more
She said, “Baby, you don’t understand, you’re not the only one
I don’t have time for long-term plans, but hey it sure was fun.”

I could not believe the words I was hearing

Oh well, I turned around, turned around for one last look
She stared into my eyes and my whole body shook
She said “Baby, you know we’re better off this way
Yesterday is gone now boy and tomorrow’s another day.”

I said don’t you want me to feel you
Don’t you want me to touch you
Don’t you want me to hold you
Don’t you want me to love you