So many young groups and artists get caught up in the idea of making CD's and videos and getting on stage while forgetting to develop their music. That's why it's good to hear some old school kick ass rock and roll played by a working class band that is tight, inspired and clearly having a damn good time doing it.

Kill Van Kull is:





Rick Cabrera - Vocals

Growing up on Staten Island, New York listening to his brother playing Beatles and Black Sabbath started Rick's journey but a chance gift from his uncle, Aerosmith "Rocks", sealed his fate.

He studied with Don Lawrence, the legendary "vocal coach of the stars". Rick comments, "He brought me to the next level. A no nonsense, no excuses, get it done approach, which I put into every performance." His vocal influences are many, but they begin with Steven Tyler, Lennon & McCartney and Paul Rodgers.




Billy Cardinale - Bass

Not even aware of what a bass guitar was at 16 he was told he had to play it when 2 friends mentioned they were putting a band together and they were playing guitar & drums.

30 years and many, many live shows & recordings later the instrument has taken him from New York to Hollywood to Memphis to Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Whether studying under bass greats Jeff Berlin, Steve Bailey & Putter Smith at Musicians Institute of Los Angeles to performing  with Sean Kennedy of Joan Jett fame, Aj Pero of Twisted Sister & Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob, Billy's playing is versatile enough he recorded the Spanish\English debut country album for gaucho Peter Castillo. He has supported artists such as John Sykes (Whitesnake), Ace Frehley (KISS), Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience) & Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) along with many others.

"As my taste in music changes so go my influences but my main ones are Geezer Butler, James Jamerson, John Entwistle & Dee Dee Ramone. "






Billy lean back

Curt Giventer - Guitar

As a 6 year old bringing down Christmas decorations from the attic of his grandparents home Curt made the chance discovery of a broken acoustic guitar with 3 strings. Shortly after, on single strings he began to teach himself the simple melodies of songs heard throughout the old house by way of radio. 

Preferring to learn by ear his time spent on formal lessons was short-lived. Dedicating himself to the craft while learning the riffs and solos of Jimmy Page, David Gilmour and Stevie Ray Vaughn amongst others.
Besides being fluent on six string acoustic and electric he is also proficient on Dobro and baritone guitars.
A writer and lyricist in his own right Curt fits comfortably within the KVK family penning every day issues that people can sing along and relate to. The unexpected gift is the powerful expression of self which pours out during his live performance and that can only be taught by life study. Intense, highly energized, crazed and soulful.  All which make a Kill Van Kull performance not to be missed.






Vin Raschella - Drums

It was growing up in a house where music echoed throughout the halls that planted the ambition to play drums in Vinnie Raschella.

When his Father gave him the offer to play an instrument as a young boy the word "Drums" was the only word spoken back.
His influences make up some of the top professors in Rock drumming.  Bill Ward, John Bonham, Ian Paice, Peter Criss & Carmine Appice.
He uses the same rock and roll approach when writing or creating for Kill Van Kull.





Al Anzalone - Guitar